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Cybercrime has Gone Phishing

Posted by Donna Mills on Nov 30

According to cybercrime watchdog APWG, phishing attacks in the first quarter of 2016 increased worldwide by 250% - and spear phishing attacks (where the perpetrators tailor their message to fit a business target) have risen at a similar rate.

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Huawei Coming On Strong

Posted by Donna Mills on Jun 14

The engineering team at Datalink Networks pride themselves on their ability to work with products from a variety of major name partners, including Microsoft, HPE, Cisco, and Aruba. 

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Cyber-security: Email Scams on the Rise. Education is Key

Posted by Brian Hatchell on Apr 13

In these days of enhanced technical security solutions, we often neglect the human variable in Information Security. Email scams and phishing attacks are on the rise. User information and training are key in combating them.  

We have seen at least two of these kinds of attacks on clients that could have been prevented with user security awareness. 

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Coming to a Steak House Near You

Posted by Donna Mills on Mar 31

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More Schools Eligible for E-Rate Than Ever Before

Posted by Donna Mills on Aug 18

Changes to E-Rate funding rules mean that more schools are eligible than ever before. Find out how your school can get a piece of the $3.9 billion pie.

School started last week up here in Santa Clarita, and now that classrooms are once again filled with students and teachers, it's time for school and network administrators to develop their EdTech budgets for the next academic year. 

And that can be a challenge: Government mandates like CIPA, FERPA and Common Core are driving campuses to upgrade their network infrastructure. Fortunately, there are programs that can provide funding for these improvements. One of the biggest is E-Rate, which was authorized by the FCC to help bring affordable, universal broadband to K-12 schools and libraries throughout the country.

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