BDR: What Business Continuity Is - and Is NOT

Do you have a good Backup Disaster Recovery solution in place to guard against disaster like a ransomware attack? Is it on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid cloud backup? 96% of SMBs with BDR report complete recovery from ransomware. A full 40% do not.
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Backing up your data is like brushing your teeth: It's basic computer hygiene you probably learned when you booted up your first PC. But backup is not enough. Unless you can restore your data -quickly - after a ransomware attack or outage, your company is at risk.

The Future of Teaching Is Here - See EdTech in Action Now

We've been obsessed with the planning for our EdTech Summit, two weeks from today at the Sheraton Universal here in Los Angeles. Open to any local school employee, it will be an exciting day of exploring the challenges around advances in K12 technology.

EdTech IT Summit for School Technology Pros

A Unique Opportunity for School Technology Pros

Join your peers and K12 technology thought leaders for a day of exploring the challenges around campus security, E-Rate, and the Connected Classroom.


Who should attend: School IT Directors and Managers, Network Engineers, Budget Officers, Superintendents, Principals, Vice Principals, Curriculum Developers, Science Chairs, Teacher Leadership.

Coming to a Steak House Near You

More Schools Eligible for E-Rate Than Ever Before

Changes to E-Rate funding rules mean that more schools are eligible than ever before. Find out how your school can get a piece of the $3.9 billion pie.

School started last week up here in Santa Clarita, and now that classrooms are once again filled with students and teachers, it's time for school and network administrators to develop their EdTech budgets for the next academic year. 

And that can be a challenge: Government mandates like CIPA, FERPA and Common Core are driving campuses to upgrade their network infrastructure. Fortunately, there are programs that can provide funding for these improvements. One of the biggest is E-Rate, which was authorized by the FCC to help bring affordable, universal broadband to K-12 schools and libraries throughout the country.

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